… “Peek into the small shop here in Boise, and you will likely find Justin triple-checking edge geometry on a chef knife, slowly grinding away at a blade until it moves effortlessly through whatever it’s asked to cut. If he’s not in front of the grinder with a chef knife, then he is at the forge, heating the shaped steel to over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, “critical temperature” as fellow blacksmiths know it, only to plunge the red hot steel into heated oil, thus quenching the knife and giving it its hardness. Precision work requires not only knowledge on a vast array of metallurgical processes but also hours of attention, so the shop light is often on well after dark.” …

Excerpt from an article by Devin Pyle in Greenbelt Magazine, February 2017

Great workmanship. Snake River Forge is the place to go.

Brett, Boston

Thank you for an amazing knife to add to the collection!

Jason, New York

I’m in love with this knife! We will be repeat customers for sure!

Karri, Alaska

As an artisan butcher I use my knives daily. Snake River Forge fashioned me a beautiful, functional blade to fit my style and workload.  It’s been great making friends parallel in the craft.

Nate, Boulder


(About a knife purchased as a gift:)

The knife was great, very light. I think my buddy is going to really cherish it. Thanks again. I’ll be in touch for another for myself soon. I think a nakiri style knife would fit into my collection very well.

-Kody, Massachusets


I’m totally in love with my knife!! Thank you guys!!

-Karli, Oregon

Justin has made some amazing knives for me. They stay sharp, and have a great feel and look to them.  We used them to process our meat ducks, it was like cutting through butter.  I would recommend his knives to anyone. 

I’ve never had any problems.  I use them when we go camping [too].

He really does some amazing work.

-Nick, Phoenix

My knives are amazing! Thank you man [….] Will definitely be doing more business soon!

EJ, Florida

[My chef] knife has class, it has style.  Simply put, it is super rad.  It is so nice to know that there are some things left in the world that are still hand made.  This knife is awesome and it never fails!  Thanks Snake River Forge!  You guys are awesome!

-Cole, St. George

I have been cooking and baking for a long time and I’ve been through many, many knives.  The knife I purchased from Snake River Forge is the first knife I’ve ever owned that I care about taking care of.  It is a work of art!  I keep it sharp and oiled and out for display because it gives me joy to look at it.

-Julie, Los Angeles

Looks great. Thank you very much!

Vovan, PA